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Hand crafted wood products

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This little gem has 341 segments and stands 8" tall x 4" in dia. The zig zag alone is 4 1/4" tall. Made of Mesquite, Holly, Ebony & Paduak. $279.50 includes shipping in the USA. Order # 2113.


A nice segmented vase 8 1/2" tall x 4 1/2" in dia. Made of Purple Heart, Ebony, Maple & Paduak. 193 pieces $295.00 Post paid in the USA. Order # 1812


Beautiful vessel is 9 1/2" tall x 9 1/2" in dia. with 225
pieces. This Mesquite vessel has ovals made of Brazilian Tulip, Gabon Ebony and
American Holly. Natural wood color no dye used. It has a clear finish. I will
sacrifice this beatiful piece of art for only $785.00. Free shipping in the USA.
Order # 93010


How about a zig zag vase. A great conversation piece. 7 7/8"
tall x 4 1/4" in dia. 194 pieces. Made of Mesquite,Maple, Cherry, Purple Heart & Ebony. Clear finish. $295.00 free shipping in the USA. Order # 11912


How about a zig zag vase. A great conversation piece. 8 1/4"
tall x 4 1/4" in dia. Black Ebony rim, Brown Ebony bottom, Purple Heart with Maple & Paduak zig zag. Clear finish. $295.00 free shipping in the USA. Order # 11012


This Mesquite, Holly & Ebony vase would look nice on anyone's
mantel or table. It's 8 1/4" tall x 3 3/4" in dia. Only $295.00 free shipping in the USA. Order # 10510B


Beautiful Curly Maple bowl with Pink Ivory & Ebony feature ring. 7 3/4" in dia. x 7 1/2" tall. Wipe on poly finish. A steal @ $575.00 with free shipping USA only. Order #9710


THIS BEAUTIFUL MESQUITE VESSEL HAS OVALS MADE OF BRAZILIAN TULIP, GABON EBONY & AMERICAN HOLLY. 169 PIECES. 10 1/2" in dia. x 7 3/4" tall. Only $975.00 Free shipping in the USA. Order # 11010


This beautiful segmented vessel is made of Maple and Purple Heart. 321 pieces, 9" in dia. x 9 3/8" tall. Only $350.00 free shipping in the USA. Order # 6309 SOLD................................


BLACK WALNUT, CHERRY, OAK and MAPLE bowl. 7 1/2" in dia. x 5 1/8" tall. $125 includes S&H in the USA. Order # 81607B1

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Purple Heart, Holly & Ebony. 8 3/4" tall x 4 3/4" in dia. This beautiful vase can be yours for only $350.00 Free shipping USA only. Order #101010 SOLD...........................


Look at this band saw bowl, has 352 pc. Made of maple and black walnut. 9 5/8" in dia. x 4 3/4" tall. Only $195 shipping included in the USA. Order # 3843


Look at this band saw bowl. Made of over 10 different domestic & exotic hard woods. Includes maple, red oak, purpleheart, padauk, ebony, walnut, cherry, ash, ailanthus & white oak. 5" tall x 11" in dia. $275 free shipping in the USA. Order # 2510


webassets/P2030299.JPGThis handmade edge grain mixed wood clipboard is made from a variety of hardwoods to give your clipboard a unique look. They measure approximately 13 7/8"x 9 3/4'' and are about 1/4" thick. This wooden clipboard will except 8 1/2" x 11" and larger sheets of paper. Has a urethane finish and a 5 3/4" Butterfly Clipboard Clip. Clip is mounted with Chicago screws not rivets. Great for office, school or sports. Signed and dated. Your clipboard will look like the photo but the date may be different.



13 7/8" x 9 3/4" Clipboard with butterfly clip. $22.00 + $9.00 shipping = $31.00


Item is a laminated segmented vase that is assembled and then turned on a lathe to prpduce the decorative design. The vase is 8" tall x 5 3/4" in dia. Made of Masquite, Holly, Ebony and black dyed veneer. Only $295.00  Free shipping in the USA. Order # 41410   SOLD.........................

  This beautiful vessel is made of white oak, maple, and ebony. 7 5/8" tall x 6" in dia. Only $245.00. Shipping included in the lower 48 states.  Order # 111809. Clear finish.   SOLD..............................



This band saw bowl is 9 3/4" in dia. x 4" tall. Made of locust, black walnut, cherry, oak, and purpleheart. Only $175  S&H included in the lower 48 states. Order # 31409    SOLD.............................


This band saw bowl is  4 1/2" tall x 11 1/4" in dia. Made of cherry, oak, ash, ailanthus, paduak, ebony, black walnut, purpleheart, birch and more. Finish is wipe on poly. $195.00  S&H included in the lower 48 states. Order #2510-B.   SOLD........................




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